HORVER toolsetters

The horizontal toolsetters of the HORVER series are designed primarily for the measuring of non-rotary tool of lathes and carousels after being equipped with the appropriate adapter. This model series includes two types of toolsetters – varies measurable length of the tool. HORVER tollsetter can be equipped with a rotary table with eight positions.

Main characteristics

  • Elegant and easy tollsetter control through servomotors in the X and Z axes
  • Rapid feed and precise positioning of the machine with a single knob
  • Automatic reference marks checking after switching on
  • Automatic measurement and evaluation of cutting edge position
  • Front LED illumination with adjustable intensity switchable by quadrants
  • Three types of camera systems
  • Bright and sharp images on a 12,1" touch screen monitor
  • Widescreen 23 "LCD touch monitor for devices with PC equipment
  • Printing of measured values
  • Plenty of adapters and accessories